‘True, I do no longer have a fan at home inside the summer’


The plot turned into 12 cents higher than the street stage. The carport became organized in an underground style with soil at street stage. The major appeal of Bamsuri is the individuality of the pink sandstone. Sapphire is a locally to be had cloth. The wall is manufactured from two shades of crimson sandstone, purple and saffron. Adherence to the exposed fashion with out brushing the outside walls additionally helped to lessen fees. It additionally receives the splendor of the vintage.

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The layout of the rooms is north, west, east and south. The place is 3460 rectangular toes. Downstairs are the porch, veranda, residing room, patio, dining room, kitchen, and two bedrooms. Upstairs is the Family Living Library, with bedrooms and a balcony. The ladder is made of wooden.

The land use potential of the 4-storey attic has been maximized. The truss and roof are trussed over the flat roof. This component is ready one and a half meters excessive. Thus a 3rd floor have become to be had here. It is a venue for essential events, garage desires and kid’s play.

The coronary heart of the house is the courtyard in which rain and solar feast. Nature feasts inside the residence with all its forte. The coronary heart of the times spent sitting inside the courtyard last monsoon continues to be sparkling in my mind. Patio, open indoors and big windows play an important position in facilitating pass air flow through expelling hot air.

Many of the visitors who arrived at the residence pointed out the chilliness they felt when they climbed interior. Not a single room within the house has AC established. Even the fan is not often used. Our revel in is that even final summer the residence did not experience hot.

Cost reduction areas

The wood accumulated from the demolition of the old homes is used for the mach, staircase and home windows.
Old pasture tiles have been reused without sprucing.
The use of concrete was restricted. The exterior partitions are not plastered.


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