Vaastu ideas for women


Vaastu expert, Basannt R Rasiwasia offers tips for girls to maintain a herbal flow of energies at domestic.
A girl makes a house a domestic. She strikes a balance among her social and religious obligations as she shoulders a wide kind of sensitive obligations at home. So, the female of the house plays an critical position in Vaastu Shastra.

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Maintaining the Vaastu of a place, be it a domestic or a palace, and is a delicate undertaking. For the uninitiated, Vaastu Shastra is the observe of directions, energy and elements. It ambitions on the natural float of energies and is an ancient practice that has advanced through found out seers and sagas, for the welfare of mankind. It is viable to solve skillfully several enterprise, economic, bodily and intellectual problems. Says Vaastu Shastra professional Basannt R Rasiwasia, “Couples need to avoid north east bedroom and use extra of Southern Zone bed room.” He elaborates on extra suggestions for girls to have peace and prosperity:

– Sleeping with the pinnacle inside the South harbours greater know-how and rejuvenates relationship.
– If you feel vulnerable, tired, or are ill, attempt spending time inside the East of your House. The East is believed to be ruled via Indra, the God of conflict and climate. Hence, Indra has electricity over the growing sun, which is assumed to have power over the bones, eye, coronary heart, spinal twine and blood move.
– Meditate and exercise respiratory physical games whilst sitting in the North-Eastern corner of your property. According to Vaastu, the North-East is dominated through ‘Easanya’, (Almighty God) thereby indicating that it’s miles a completely essential and a spiritually extended area.
– Avoid having a bathroom inside the North-East, South-East (nook) and Centre (Brahmasthan) of the house which brings unwell fitness.

– Put a own family image in South Western Direction for higher concord.
Keep a basil plant (tulsi patta) and pearls and crystals within the Northern Direction for prosperity.
– Ensure that there aren’t any overhead beams strolling through the centre of the house, or it might lead to a disturbed mind.
– Heavy fixtures should not be kept inside the middle of the House, as it’s miles the Brahmasthan and wishes to be kept as empty as viable.

– The coloration blue has cooling traits. A night bulb emanating soft blue light inside the night might be very calming. However, violet, indigo, red are recommended for the walls. Avoid crimson in the bed room.
– Paintings of dragons, war and different violent photographs are a strict no-no. They evoke tensions and feelings of disappointment. Avoid merciless images.

– If you are having problem sound asleep, strive slumbering together with your head inside the South Direction, so one can maintain the natural polarity of your frame and fitness of each yourself and your foetus.
– Avoid snoozing together with your head in North Direction throughout being pregnant. You must constantly sleep in a bedroom within the southern path.
– Try to avoid larger windows in south west and have bigger windows in Northern Direction for achievement if the woman is running.

– Use of fragrances inside the house is suggested. I personally say that by means of retaining above noted Vaastu tips can help all ladies decorate for peace, fitness, prosperity and self-appreciate and make them happy and powerful, mentally and


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