Vastu colours for home: Colour therapy guide for a positive home in 20+ colours


According to Vastu, color healing plays a paramount function in balancing our physique, mind and spirit. The diverse colours stimulate energy into exceptional areas and certainly influences the house and its inhabitants. Vastu Shastra enunciates that the flawless placement of your dwelling is a matter of course and hues; it states that distinct colours are perfect for targeted instructional materials in your home. Regardless of how busy our schedules are, or how little time we spend at house, having the right Vastu colors for our house is significant.Our resident Vastu informed, Ashna Ddhannak, recommends the use of colour remedy coupled with Vastu colors if you happen to ever decide so as to add a fresh coat of paint to the partitions in your home. Colors in step with Vastu Shastra attract remedy power into your residing space.

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Vastu colours for the living Room
The dwelling room represents our sort, charisma an individuality. Hence, it have got to be attractive, attractive, lively and expressive, says Ddhannak. The dwelling room will have to be constructed going through the north, east or north-east course. Also, the living room creates a favourable or unfavorable first influence when visitors seek advice from. Ashna adds that the leisure of the fittings and furnishings within the dwelling room should be in colours that distinction with the primary colours of the room. This contrast will strike the right vigour steadiness and herald happiness. Cushions, curtains and bolsters in streaks of gold, colorings of turquoise and bright pink will fill the dwelling room with fresh vigour.

Here is a record of Vastu colours superb for the living room:

• White (related to innocence, purity and goodness)
• Floral whites (represent honesty and perfection )
• Beige (related to being impartial, calm and at ease)
• Cream (instils magnificence and attraction)
• light pink (fosters heat )


Vastu colors for the eating Room

The dining room is without doubt one of the most quintessential materials of the home. The high-quality path for the eating discipline to be headquartered in is the east or south-east.

Listed here are the Vastu colors a good way to complement your dining space:

• Peach (one of the vital colors of medication)
• Saffron (related to devotion)
• light orange (fosters creativity, happiness and pleasure)
• Yellow (the colour of honour and enlightenment)

These colours help assimilation, fusion and digestion in one’s approach. A eating room should normally be established adjacent or close the kitchen to facilitate convenient access to meals.

Vastu colours for the Kitchen
The kitchen represents the action of remodeling uncooked vegetables and other staple parts into vigour-giving food with the help of fireplace. Consequently, kitchens will have to consistently be built in the south-east path, which is regarded to be the fireplace corner of the residence. In keeping with Vastu, detailed colours can support expand metabolism and reinforce digestion, main to just right wellbeing and prosperity.

The pleasant Vastu colours for the kitchen are:

• light scarlet crimson (the colour of purity)
• Saffron orange (defines the Hindu aspects of energy and braveness)
• Brick orange (a combo of power and stimulation)
• Peach (associated with peace)
• Woody inexperienced (related to nature)
• Brown (helps whet the urge for food)

Vastu colors for a youngster’s Room
Any room for children should be ideally built within the west. A youngster’s room should normally be nurturing and brilliant because it not only helps enhance his or her personality however will also fortify focus.

The first-rate colors for a little one’s room as per Vastu are:

• shades of light inexperienced (represents progress, adolescence and steadiness)
• shades of light yellow (ushers in cheer, joy and clarity)

Vastu colors for the bedroom
the main bedroom must be located in the south-west direction as it is peaceable, ideal for leisure and rest. The colours great fitted to the main bedroom are:

• colorings of rose crimson (image of gratitude, appreciation, gentleness and admiration)
• gentle brown (fosters good health)
• Mauve (crimson and violet encourages just right goals; it also calms emotions)
• Mahogany (represents force and endurance)
• Tinges of gold (represents love, wisdom and prosperity).


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