Entrance of a residence explains each factor due to the fact that is the gateway from which energies continuously goes inside and out. This vital gate must be maintained with utmost care at the same time as course must be suitable to gain rich blessings. Specific instructions decide fate of occupants and if lamentably placed in incorrect course then remedies should be observed with the aid of conventional rituals prescribed.

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All the bad and fantastic energies surround here and which is why is crucial to discover most important gate in right course to hold well-being and prosperity in house. Vastu recommendations for front are:
Entrance of residence is quality in North and East sides.
Entrance gate ought to be heavier, more potent and bigger than other doors of residence.
Keep the doorway clutter loose and tidy to make the surrounding nice.
Entrance must in no way be darkish and make certain that this place is nicely lit all through.
Avoid keeping garbage or dustbin near the entrance.
Main ought to not make any creaky noise.
Main gate need to in no way face intersecting roads.

VASTU gate
There need to no longer be any obstruction in the front gate with such things as poles, tree, wires and motors.
Main door need to always open inwards.
Entrance of residence must no longer face temple.
Embellish predominant door with Om, Swastik, and vegetation.
Avoid any underneath-water or septic tanks underneath the main front.
Lift of building must now not face entrance.
No wall need to hinder in the front of principal gate.
Avoid self-remaining door.
Best cloth for important gate is Teak.

Direction- Points
Northeast 10
East- 9
North- 8
Northwest- 7
Southeast- 6
West- 5
South- 4
Southwest- 3


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