Vastu for Money – Tips to Attract Wealth and Prosperity


Maintaining the proper go with the flow of strength could be very crucial in a residence. It makes it conducive for positivity to unfold through your private home and moreover, maintains the Lord of Wealth smiling down upon you. Indian homes are designed maintaining in mind a key issue called Vastu. It loosely interprets to the ‘Science of Architecture’. This science is critical if you would like to be calibrated and in music with the energies of the universe.

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Financial stability may be introduced on by way of harnessing the energies interior your house to paintings in a way that is wonderful to you. If you are making plans on buying a domestic, decorating your present domestic, or renovating a few a part of your private home, there are many belongings you need to preserve in thoughts from the attitude of economic prosperity. Read on approximately how you may ensure Vastu-associated changes to facilitate your economic inflow.

Vastu Tips to Bring Wealth into Your Home
There are some very critical things to keep in thoughts in case you would like to harmonise the energies internal your home to increase your monetary status in life. You may have unwittingly positioned a few obstructive factors internal your private home which can block the drift of nice strength and thereby impede cash float. Here are some Vastu pointers you could comply with:

1. Swimming Pool Location
The best vicinity for a swimming pool is the north-jap or the Ishan corner of the plot/ house. If you do not have sufficient open area for a pool there, then the following satisfactory alternative is the east or north. If you have a swimming pool in the south-west location of your plot, it must no longer be below floor level. Make certain to have a swimming pool or every other water frame at a stage above the floor for higher cash waft.

2. Cash Drawer or Almirah
An essential thing of Vastu for financial profits is your coins almirah. Make sure to vicinity your cash almirah closest to a south-western wall and starting out in a northern path. This is meant to be the direction of Kubera, the God of Wealth. Do not place your coins drawer below any structural beam as this implies strain and monetary stress on the man or woman or the own family. Have a mirror in front of the coins cupboard so that it becomes symbolic of your wealth doubling on every occasion you open this cabinet or almirah.

3. Staircases and Other Structures inside the North-East Corner
Keep the north-eastern a part of your home free of clutter and dirt. Do now not have obstructive constructions like stairs on this portion as well. Do now not place heavy machinery in this region of your property either. If viable, make sure that the north-eastern aspect of your property doesn’t have any tall neighbouring structures and excessive-rise buildings whose shadow falls on your property. Construct instantly partitions and in no way curved ones on this side.


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