Vastu Tips for Kitchen – Best location for Water in Kitchen


While designing your kitchen, it’s far very critical to put water sources in accordance with vastu. Water elements are an vital a part of the kitchen. Their position inside the kitchen influences your fitness and wealth. If mounted inside the wrong course, it may have the reverse effect on you and your own family.

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Here are a few tips for placing water elements as according to vastu:


The kitchen sink must be in the a ways corner of the north-east path as it is taken into consideration the suitable area.

The water taps need to not be positioned within the corner of the two counters.

There have to now not be any leaking tap in the kitchen. This affects the glide of cash. Water should now not be wasted in any part of the house.

If there is any dishwasher in the kitchen, it have to be positioned inside the north-west course.

Any source of ingesting water like filters, purifiers and pitchers must additionally be placed in the north-east path. Water storage must also be in this direction.

Avoid maintaining kitchen sink and cooking range towards each other because fire and water aren’t like minded to every other.

Also, cooking range and fridge have to no longer be located subsequent or contrary to each different, because the stove is a fireplace element and refrigerator is a water element. If they’re in such function, separate them via a partition.


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