Vastu tips for positive energy at home


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As an ancient Indian architectural technology, Vastu Shastra prescribes sure concepts of home layout, that are geared toward increasing the waft of fine power in a domestic. Some domestic proprietors build their homes in keeping with vastu concepts, which encompass the use of directional hints concerning the placement of unique rooms or features of the home.While this isn’t an option in modern flats, the nice element about vastu is that you can use its standards to decorate your condo to carry positivity to your home. In this ideabook, we’ve highlighted 6 domestic décor recommendations that vastu prescribes for increasing health, wealth and harmony.


1. Airy, easy and muddle-free – A domestic this is clean and prepared immediately relaxes its inhabitants. Ensure which you have sufficient storage area in your property for placing away matters once they’re used in order that the rooms look neat always. Open and airy rooms also carry in nice power, so create more than one open areas wherein the own family can revel in bonding in a tranquil and cosy setting.

2. Add color – Using colour to your houses no longer most effective provides remedy from the monotony of simple white or cream walls, however also provides brightness to the house, thereby lifting the positivity within the environment. However, ensure that you use the right colorations. Blue, inexperienced and yellow are best for putting a relaxing or colourful mood in a room. As a ways as feasible avoid the usage of a massive amount of black as it brings negativity. Bright and formidable sunglasses including pink and crimson are excellent in small doses, but you don’t need them to overpower a room with too much strength, eliminating the serenity.

3. Bring in nature – Nature has a manner of adding tranquillity and positivity to an area. Decorate your property with flower displays, potted flowers or maybe floating a few petals in an urn to add a refreshing detail to any room. However, keep in mind that just as fresh plant life and flowers boom superb energy, a wilted association or plant can upload negativity. Refresh the water on your flower vases often, and replace preparations earlier than they wilt.

4. Decorate with mirrors -Mirrors are usually utilized by vastu practitioners as a device for remedying defects in the design or electricity interior a domestic. If located successfully, they are able to bring in wealth and happiness into the house. It serves as a device for reflecting effective strength during the place. Hence, you should not vicinity a reflect going through your foremost door as it might deflect the energy that enters the home. Similarly, placing a mirror contrary a bed isn’t advocated. Instead, region a dressing desk adjacent for your mattress in order that it doesn’t reflect it.

5. Happy partitions – Adding images or photographs such as happy circle of relatives photos or calming landscapes can growth the positivity in any region. Use pix of the dawn, the ocean or a waterfall to increase the glide of electricity. Avoid images of loss of life, hunger or some other poor element as this could have adverse consequences at the inhabitants of the home.

6. Use Vastu add-ons – Just like Feng Shui makes use of the guffawing Buddha or coins to accurate the strength glide in a domestic, Vastu employs pyramids or yantra to harmonize negative energies in your home. Usually, glass or crystal pyramids are used for this reason.


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