ways to make an {ELASTIC WAISTBAND}


For me, an elastic waistband was once at once a comfort and a horror. They are smooth to sew and very comfy to put on. It changed into a horror most effective because of my clumsiness and carelessness. If no longer finished right, it could flip around and twist round within the casing making you feel annoyed.You now understand what happened with me.

There isn’t always just one way to make these waistbands – you may select from the 7 approaches.One of them will grow to be being your preferred which you’ll use over and over on your clothes, shorts, skirts and pants.

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1.Turn underneath elastic waistband
This is the maximum simplest of all waistbands . You simply flip beneath the top facet twice and sew; insert elastic – ta da, you have a waistband.


How to sew a turn underneath elastic waistband

You maynot want me to define this technique. You possibly realize all the steps. But in any case right here it is

Step 1

When you cut the material for the garment you’ll ought to depart enough cloth at the the pinnacle part that is two times the width of the elastic + 1/4 inch ease + half inch seam allowance.

Step 2

Cut the elastic .Try the elastic on the waist ( in which you will be resting the skirt) and healthy it snugly. Add 1 inch seam allowance.

Step 3


Join the skirt seams to make the tube, or if it’s miles a pants, end each seam.

Press the top material fringe of the garment half inch to the inside with an iron.

Step 4

Mark the folding line as it should be for the casing – ie the top edge of the garment. Which is 1/4 inch + width of the elastic.
Fold the fabric at the folding line to the interior

Step 5

Stitch the folded part to the inner of the garment . Leave 2 inch unstitched ( for putting elastic)

Step 6
Insert the elastic with a pin or an elastic inserter (plastic bodkin) making sure that the elastic isn’t twisted everywhere.
Join the ends of the elastic by using stitching them together overlapping the edges. Make an X at the overlapped aspect to make the sewing strong.

Alternatively you could be part of the ends of the elastic right into a tube after which hold it within the casing and stitch.

Step 7
Stitch the hole closed

Step 8
Arrange the gathers frivolously for the duration of the waistband. To save you bunching up of fabric at locations, I constantly sew vertically throughout the elastic at all seam joints . You can also use a hand needle and thread and stitch tack stitches at seam joints

Checkout the academic to stitch this easy collected skirt with grew to become under elastic waistband
Checkout this educational for making a mermaid skirt in which the elastic waistband is only on the lower back and the elastic is stitched with tabs in order that the gathers do not bunch close to the aspect seams. You have a flat waist at the front and the elastic is handiest at the again. I love it.

2.Separate elastic waistband
You can check out the educational to make culottes for an in depth explanation on making this form of separate waistband for shorts, skirts and pants- this one has a flat front waistband and an elastic back waistband.

Ideally you want a fabric with some stretch to make this approach effective

Step 1
Cut the fabric strip for the waistband from the crosswise grain of the fabric
Measure the waist fringe of the skirt and upload 1 inch seam allowance . Width of this strip should be 4 inch for inserting a 1″ elastic. Join the ends of the material strip to shape a tube ( with a half inch seam allowance)

Step 2
Join the waistband to the skirt top facet with a half of inch seam allowance.

Step 3
Try the elastic at the waist ( wherein you’ll be resting the skirt) and match it snugly. Add 1 inch seam allowance
Stitch the ends of the elastic piece together making an elastic tube. Make an X to your stitching to make certain the stitching is powerful enough

Step 4

Divide the waistband/pinnacle facet and elastic into 4 sections. Make marks with a pencil or chalk

Step 5.

Pin the elastic tube over the waistband fabric edge ( the edge of waistband )matching the marks you’ve got earlier made at half and 1/4 portions

Step 6
Change the sew to zig zag sew for your machine. Stitch the elastic alongside the seamline ( donot increase over the seam facet) ; You will should stretch the elastic to alter the elastic to the material

Step 7
Flip the waistband material strip over the elastic to the inner of the garment.

Step 8
From the rightside of the garment, sew in the ditch, along the bottom fringe of the elastic , catching the turned under waistband on the inside

Step 9
Clip any extra material within the waistband out of doors of the seam in the inside. Because it is a knit fabric it’s going to no longer fray or appearance unattractive

3.Fold over elastic waistband
It could be very easy to sew a fold over elastic waistband – surely this ornamental elastic can make the get dressed making very simple and quick. No folding over of fabric or cutting out separate cloth strips, or placing elastic via a slender casing with a small pin. This video from JoAnn.Com tells you the way to do it very honestly and well.


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