Cement is especially categorised depending on their grades. Cement grades decide the compression electricity (Mpa) of the concrete with a purpose to achieve after 28 days of placing. There are about ten sorts of cement which can be used for production cause. However, the following are the five principal varieties of cement which are broadly utilized in residence production.

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1. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) forty three Grade Cement:

It is used majorly for wall plastering works, Non-RCC structures, pathways and many others. Forty three-grade cement attains a compression strength of forty three Mpa (megapascals) in 28 days of putting. Make certain that your 43 cement brand adheres to IS 12269 standard code.

2. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), fifty three Grade Cement:

It is in particular used in RCC and pre-careworn concrete of better grades, cement grouts, instantaneous plugging mortars and many others. 53 Grade cement is used for fast paced production have been the preliminary energy is to be done quick. Fifty three Grade attains 27 Mpa in 7days compared to 23 Mpa through 43-grade cement. Fifty three Grade cement adheres to IS 8112 widespread code.


3. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC):

PPC Cement has a higher diploma of fineness, impermeable and corrosion-resistant satisfactory that makes the concrete denser ensuing in long-lasting structures. It is utilized in mass concreting paintings as well as RCC paintings. Even though the initial putting time of PPC cement is low, it profits greater energy with time. PPC cement adheres to IS 1489 trendy code.

4. Portland Slag Cement (PSC):

PSC is desired over OPC grade in constructions wherein the structures are greater vulnerable to sulfate and chloride assault. Due to its first rate corrosion resistance, specifically from salt water, it’s far extensively used in coastal regions, sewage disposal, and water remedy plant life. PSC Grade cement adheres to IS 455:1989 trendy code.

5. White Cement:

This cement is utilized in architectural and decorative designs, it is also used to fill gaps in wall tiles, ceramic lavatory fixtures. The production system of white cement is distinct and greater complicated whilst in comparison to ordinary Portland cement.

Apart from the above, there are different types of cement which can be also used for constructional functions.

Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement (SRC)

This cement is used where the structure is more uncovered to Sulphate assault because of water or soil. In SRC, amount of C3A is limited to decrease than five% and 2C3A + C4AF lower than 25%. It may be used in sewage and water treatment flowers.

Rapid Hardening Cement:

It is used in speedy production and early finishing touch is needed due to lack of time or every other reasons. It is especially utilized in repair and rehabilitation works.

Hydrophobic Portland Cement:

It is utilized in excessive rainfall areas to improve the shelf existence of cement. The cement is given a chemical coating during the manufacturing technique, that gives water-repelling property, and the cement isn’t affected because of excessive humidity and also can be stored for an extended period.

Low Heat Portland Cement:

It is in particular utilized in mass concrete for dams and lots of other forms of water maintaining systems, bridge abutments, massive maintaining walls, piers, slabs etc.


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