I came up with this lovely Wire Earring Holder due to the fact, as soon as upon a time, I used to paintings in an office. Like an office with other human beings. Where I were given dressed in pleasant clothes everyday. Well, good enough, it became a quite informal office so I wore denims maximum of the time. But I blow dried my hair every morning and didn’t wear t-shirts or shoes with stated denims, so for me, that’s pretty fancy. And even more shocking, I wore jewelry!

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And then I went and had a infant, and then every other one. And in case you’ve had a infant or even ever simply held a child, you understand that dangly earrings and necklaces are irresistible to them. So I stopped wearing dangly rings most of the time. Baby V has been well beyond the grabby level for at least a year and I can put on them once more and I even have quite a few pairs that I absolutely like. And there’s nothing worse then having them jumbled together and then you could only discover considered one of a matching pair.

So this earring holder DIY got here out of sheer necessity. (And also ever due to the fact I prepare my DIY Jewelry Organizer put up, I’ve been jonesing to make my very own…) I have any other wall-set up earring hanger, however it simply wasn’t running as well as I wanted it to and earrings might every now and then fall off and turn out to be in the back of my cloth wardrobe. So I started out planning the way to make one that would paintings higher and show a number of my quite jewelry.

But before I get into my Earring Holder DIY, are we able to talk approximately buying unfinished wood craft merchandise on the craft shop? I were buying this stuff for plenty a few years and let me let you know, there is a reason it’s cheap. There’s a motive that birdhouse is simplest $1. They use cheap cheap reasonably-priced wooden and reasonably-priced reasonably-priced cheap production techniques.

Take this frame that I sold for this undertaking, as an example, it became held together best with a couple staples via the lower back, the mitered corners aren’t perfectly covered up, the rims have been rough and splintery and as it became most effective shrink wrapped in plastic and now not in a box, it already had some dents. Now due to the fact I knew what I turned into going to do with it, I changed into adequate with that. It became simplest $5 with coupon and I became willing to miss the ones flaws due to the fact I knew I become portray it and distressing it anyway.

But truly, don’t count on an excessive amount of out of those craft timber objects. Dig through the pile and pick the nicest one, commonly those which have been laser reduce have nicer edges, but don’t expect to pay $1 and get something that seems like Norm Abram made it (gold famous person if you know who that is!). It’s simply no longer going to take place. Be organized to do a little of your very own sanding and receive that small imperfections, dents or unevenness are simply par for the path. And good day, making plans to distress? Then you’re already halfway there!


Ok, sufficient unsolicited recommendation… Here’s the way to make this lovable earring holder!

12″ x 12″ timber photo body

12″ x 12″ flat piece of hen wire

1 sheet of scrapbook paper

A thin piece of cardboard slightly larger than the scrapbook paper

Staple Gun

Acrylic craft paint


1. First I gave my wood frame a light sanding. Mine didn’t include glass or plastic inner, but if yours does, remove that. Then I gave it a coat of a dark charcoal coloration. This changed into Martha Stewart’s Gunmetal that’s absolutely steel.

2. When that was dry, I painted a coat of white on top. The paint I used become quite thick so one coat become enough.

3. When THAT dried, I gave the entirety a mild sanding with some 220 grit sandpaper paying unique attention to the corners and edges. If you could’t try this outside, I regularly do it over my stainless steel kitchen sink to minimize dust cleanup!

4. Next turn the entirety over. I befell to buy a flat piece of pre-cut 12″ x 12″ hen cord at the craft store that become intended for scrapbooking. I am one hundred% certain this in NOT the most budget friendly way to buy bird wire. But it intended I didn’t want cord cutters and feature a ton of chook wire leftover, so you realize what? I sold it besides. I laid that within the again of the frame and used my staple gun to relaxed it.

5. Next I took a chunk of thin cardboard that become approximately half of″ wider than establishing inside the lower back of the frame and used to double stick tape to connect my scrapbook paper inside the middle. I’m enthusiastic about this scrapbook paper which is type of a corrugated rusted metal but also appears type of like a sundown. It makes my architect heart glad. But you may use anything shade or print you want!

6. Then I positioned the card over the opening at the lower back of the frame and stapled it on. Make sure you are putting it OVER the outlet and no longer inside because you need a terrific gap between the fowl wire and the backing to your earring wires to healthy!

7. Finally I hammered in the sawtooth photo hanger that came with my body and I became accomplished! Hang it at the wall and hook your earrings over the chicken cord to display them!


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